WebECS Announces Increased Responsiveness and Security for Virtual Windows Hosting

Columbus, OH (PRESS RELEASE) May 5, 2010 – WebECS, a leading Windows web hosting company, announced today its updated virtual dedicated server (VDS) and virtual private server (VPS) web hosting plans. WebECS Windows VDS hosting plans now include an upgraded WebECS custom VMware VMP v1.5 control panel. WebECS also upgraded its entire ESX server farm to the latest Intel Xeon 5600 processors for both Windows VDS and Windows VPS hosting. The upgraded VMP control panel and processors increase performance, responsiveness and security of WebECS Windows virtual server hosting.


“Providing the most reliable Windows web hosting has been our mission for over 13 years, and we do that by regularly upgrading our infrastructure, hardware, and software,” says Kyle Beckham, President of WebECS. “The new VMP v1.5 control panel includes an updated look and automated provisioning of servers for VDS customers. Many businesses find virtual web hosting the best fit for their needs and with WebECS Windows VMware VDS and VPS hosting, websites are faster and more secure.”


Windows VPS/VDS and Windows managed VPS/VDS hosting give businesses control over their server operating system, applications, and setup requirements. WebECS Windows VDS hosting comes with a custom-built WebECS VMP control panel, which is easier to use and requires fewer server resources than other leading control panels. VMP’s new management screen displays important server information such as operating system type, current CPU, and disk and memory usage to monitor website performance.


“When you don’t want to spend a lot of time managing your IT foundation, the tools you use to perform those management tasks become extremely important,” says Beckham. “Our latest Windows VDS VMP v1.5 control panel shows you what you need to see so you can manage your system with ease.”


WebECS upgraded all Windows virtual servers to the latest Intel Xeon 5600 processors, yielding significantly more processing power than previous processor generations. The Intel Xeon 5600 is more energy efficient and produces less heat and includes improved encryption performance, making website communications faster and transactions safer.


“Windows VDS and VPS hosting are a great solution for businesses needing more space and power than shared hosting, but are not yet ready for their own dedicated server,” says Beckham. “With our upgrade to the latest Intel Xeon 5600 processor, our virtual dedicated server and virtual private server hosting plans are 50% faster than our previous servers.”


With WebECS Windows VDS hosting plans, customers can install any applications they want and customers get full remote access using Windows Remote Desktop. All VDS hosting plans include the SmarterTools Software Bundle, an $800 value at no additional charge. All WebECS virtual machines run on a fully redundant Enterprise-level SAN with 5 9’s reliability and they use Fiber Channel disks for better VDS performance.


About WebECS


Established in 1997, WebECS is a privately owned hosting company specializing in affordable and reliable Windows based hosting services including support for all versions of ASP.NET hosting, Windows 2003 hosting , Windows 2008 hosting, Windows dedicated SQL Server 2008, Windows VPS hosting, Windows VDS hosting, and Windows managed dedicated servers. WebECS also offers virtual dedicated server clients a huge software savings with the addition of the SmarterTools software bundle.


The WebECS data center gets data transit from ten Tier 1 backbone providers, including AT&T, Qwest, Level 3, UUNET and Verio, and have multi-gigabytes of high quality provisioned data capacity with virtually unlimited scalability. WebECS does not utilize bandwidth from any "discount" providers. Access is monitored using Proximity Security Badge Access and Digital Security Video Surveillance. The WebECS data center offers complete redundancy in power, HVAC, fire suppression, network connectivity, and security and is the optimal location to serve your applications to the world.


For more information about WebECS, visit http://www.webecs.com