Control Panel Updates and Windows 2012/SQL Server 2012 Availability

WebECS is excited to announce many updates and new services that we are now offering.  We have been extremely busy the last three months to bring you these new features.

First, we have added a new of Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS) template for Windows 2012 Server  We will be offering this new template as well as our existing VDS Templates. SQL Server 2012 will also be available as an option for VDS customers.  Please contact our sales department if you would like your SQL Server 2008 instance upgraded to SQL Server 2012.

Next, we are now offering Windows 2012 and SQL Server 2012 shared hosting and reseller plans on the WebsitePanel (formerly DotNetPanel) hosting platform.  SQL Server 2012 will not be available to Helm control panel customers. Previously, we have upgraded all sql servers to the latest released version, but due to some minor changes to how SQL Server 2012 works, we decided to provision new servers.   If you are a Helm customer and would like to use SQL 2012, we can provide you with a WebsitePanel sql only hosting plan for you to use. Due to the significant benefits that IIS8 has to offer, we are researching the possibility of upgrading the existing Windows 2008 servers over to Windows 2012. If the outcome of our research makes this feasible we will make an announcement at that time.  Windows 2012 will also save customers using ssl cert money and ip addresses by using Server Name Indication (SNI) which allows ssl certificates to work without a dedicated ip address. We will also be supporting the new Web Sockets protocol on Windows 2012.

We have been running the latest stable release of WebsitePanel for the last month with no major issues. This was fantastic update which has provided some much needed features.

-       mySQL Backup and Restore functionality

-       DNS Zone editor now support SRV records

-       Database connection information is now displayed when viewing the selected database

-       Websites do not have to be deleted to switch over to a dedicated ip for ssl certificates

-       Web Publishing (Web Deploy) is now able to be used for Visual Studio or Webmatrix

We are now supporting custom PHP settings for your website across all hosting platforms. For more information, please see the following Knowledge Base article:

Here are some additional Knowledge Base articles on Web Deploy if you are interested in using this feature.

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